Prometheus is real-time digital performance where two factions of digital agents struggle to redefine their environment and thrive. 

A living, breathing world, teeming with life and change that tells a story created by algorithms.


 Project Prometheus is a digitally simulated competitive environment populated by pseudo-sentient, organically taught digital agents. This competitive environment was designed to have the potential to emulate organic competition, mirroring observable patterns of conflict and cooperation in the natural world.  The agents employed are trained in a closely controlled environment where parameters are actively controlled, but their affectations, interactions and environmental effects begin to evolve towards the unplanned, reflecting the nuances of machines in our society today.



Avatars of the mechanical, these machines are tasked with exploiting the natural terrain for resources in order to further expand their territory.  If left unchecked, their ultimate goal is to overtake the natural landscape completely, creating in its place an industrial, fabricated world.  These beings have no concern for their impact on the natural world, their instinct is to manufacture indiscriminately.


As keepers of the flora and fauna of the natural world, the Dryads seek to mitigate the damage done by the Techs.  They strive to push back against the influence of the industrial wave seeking to overtake them and to bring healing and ultimately prosperity to the natural world that they represent.  They are champions of homeostasis, innately driven to bring order to their world.



Prometheus is streamed continuously on Twitch, allowing the competition to unfold over days and weeks.  This longevity facilitate a long term evolution of the environment as the factions vie for control of limited space and resources.  As a byproduct of this competition the environment may show signs of a struggle, and can become scarred by the turmoil wrought upon it over vast spans of time, either eroding or prospering from the competition ensuing within it.    

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